The Future of AI In Our Schools

Brief Summary I consider AI-using computers to be the largest change agent in human history since the development of written language some 5,500 years ago. The development of reading and writing led to the creation of the first schools. These early schools taught reading, writing, arithmetic (based on using reading and writing), and history. The … Read more

Computer Cultural Literacy for Educators

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now a well-established part of our culture. Computer Cultural Literacy for Educators includes a large number of computer-related facts, dates, people, software (computer programs), hardware (physical machines and devices), and concepts that have become integral to this culture. The primary intended audience for this book is preservice and inservice educators, and other people interested in improving … Read more

The Fourth R (Second Edition)

The Fourth R (Second Edition) Published on 04 July 2018 Synopsis: This newly revised and updated 98-page book is about the 4th R of Reasoning/Computational Thinking. Like Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic (Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic), the 4th R of Reasoning/Computational Thinking is both a discipline of study in its own right as well as being … Read more

Joy of Learning

The Joy of Learning book explores how to improve education by making it more enjoyable to students—as well as to teachers, parents, and others interested in improving education. An intact human brain has a number of pleasure centers that feel pleasure when we learn and make use of our learning. Thus, a good educational system … Read more

Brain Science for Educators and Parents

The goal of this 10-chapter book is to help you develop and understand answers that fit your needs as an educator and/or parent. Each chapter is relatively self-contained, and ends with a section on References and Resources related to that chapter. While most of the items in References and Resources are specifically cited within the … Read more