Advancement of Globally Appropriate Technology and Education (AGATE) was founded in 2015 by David Moursund, with the help of his son Russell Moursund, and his daughter in law Sonia Moursund. AGATE is a 501(c)(3) non-profitable corporation. AGATE is working to improve the quality of life throughout the world by use of appropriate education and technology.

This is a worldwide challenge. The worldwide education-related research that has been done in the past and/or is now underway needs to be appropriately interpreted, disseminated, and used to help improve education across the entire world. 

Current AGATE projects are advancing the use of computer technology and digital tools in the poverty-stricken schools of developing countries. Our strategy includes professional development for teachers with a combination of in-person and remote learning options that are created and conducted by native language speakers. We have a local presence and at the same time are creating shareable digital collaboration tools to broaden our outreach program that take into account the limited internet bandwidth that is so common in the developing world.

AGATE believes that education is a lifelong endeavor, and that education helps to improve people’s quality of life. We believe that a good education is a human birthright. Our approaches to improving education are based on educational research as well as the practical experiences of people of all ages as they work to help themselves and others learn.